Sunday, July 15, 2012

Let's Go Driving in a Car!

I fell in love with this car fabric from the moment I spied it on Etsy.  I had plans to create more boxer shorts for my nephew, Timothy, and my cousin, Owen.  However, as I began working on knit shorts - the orange ones and then the lime green pair, I realized that this print would be adorable as a camp shirt... and I was right!  Timothy loves a song on Sesame Street called, "Let's Go Driving in an Automobile... Let's Go Driving in a Car!"  This is the perfect shirt to wear when he sings it!

The little "bubble" print just makes me smile.  Timothy and Zola will soon have a new baby brother, Nathan... and he already has pants made from this fabric.  It coordinates with the stripes and "Groovy Guitars" fabric I used a few months ago to make the children all sorts of things - even a burp pad! - so they will be darling in their matching outfits... and the new knit ruffled leggings will carry this right on into the fall season!

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