Happy Customers!

Take a look at some of the outfits I have made for my nieces and nephews. I have so many ideas and cute fabrics...
My cousin Owen in his bathrobe made from a "sueded" fabric remnant
and a ladies skirt purchased at a local thrift shop. He calls it his "coat!"

Pajama pants made from fabric that features colorful cars.  Owen got a pair with trains, too!

Pajama pants for my cousin Olivia... featuring owls on
 a black background, and the word "Snooze!"

Bathrobe from thrift store remnant of a "sueded" fabric
and matching pajams with a train motif for my nephew Timothy.

Valori Wells Solé fabric dress for my niece, Zola... matching jacket
made from bodice and back of a knit blouse that had gotten a bad
stain on the front... sleeves of that blouse made leggings for
another niece... see below!

Zola's Valori Wells Solé fabric pillowcase dress.

Niece Kelsey in her Valori Wells Solé dress/top and
leggings repurposed from knit ladies blouse.

Kelsey models a navy velvet pillowcase dress created from
a ladies skirt, purchased at thrift shop.  Jacket is a repurposed
vintage linen doily with heavy embroidery.
Close-up of color-blocked toddler bathrobe, made from fabric
remmant and a repurposed ladies skirt purchased at a thrift shop.

Timothy models his "Toy Story" shorts and shirt. 
He appears to like them!

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