Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ready to Get Back in the Groove!

It's been a busy summer, and between swim lessons, Vacation Bible School, and the summer reading program at our county library...plus dishing out meals like a fast-food diner and countless hours of Legos® and Play-doh®, watching movies and more (including an upper respiratory virus that the boys contracted and "shared" with me), I have had very little time to sew.  BUT...where there's a will, there's a way!

So...I have managed to make five pair of "pajama shorts" for the boys...

two "picnic dresses" for an 8-year-old friend who is part of our "extended family" and her 9-month-old sister...and a top from the scraps for Zola...

and four "picnic dresses" for all of my nieces (three from the owl print, and one in the pink/green prints)...

plus a pretty cute little "peasant dress" for Zola.

I love seeing the kids' faces when they get the new outfits.  Next up are things for fall...some "school spirit" shirts, some orange print for October, leggings repurposed from long-sleeved tees, and some Christmas outfits.  I know...summer is fading fast, and it's time to think about fall and the holidays.  They will be here before we can turn around!  Stay tuned for pictures...I'll keep them coming!

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