Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Skirt, a Shirt, and an Overactive Imagination... Oh, My!

Okay.  So, I admit it... I got excited.  Again!  And in my excitement, I failed to get "before" pictures of the lace table runner that became two darling pair of toddler leggings.  And really, folks, I thought I took a picture of the madras plaid skirt that ultimately became this cute little dress/top... but I can't find it anywhere!  Sooooo... I promise to do better next time!
Meanwhile, look at these cute little ruffled pants, made from a ladies t-shirt. They compliment this little dress/top perfectly.  I even used some of the scraps to make a headband with plaid petal flowers!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
After I finished THOSE projects, I made this cute little "criss-cross" strap sundress.  I've wanted to make this for a while now, and the fabric has been calling my name.  I have enough to make a smaller one for my little cousin, Harper.  One caveat... this little dress was supposed to have orange ric-rac trim all the way around.  BUT... my one package (2½ yards) was NOT enough to go all the way around by about 18 inches! 

Yikes!  I think it might work for the smaller version for Harper, but I will make a quick "pin-it-and-eyeball" before I start stitching this time!  So this one is accented with some top-stitching and cute hot pink flower buttons.  I can't wait to see how it looks on my niece, Zola!  I'll post pictures, for sure!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Finally, I used some of my scraps this weekend to make "boo-boo bags" for the kiddos.  They are filled with rice, and once put in the freezer, they make the perfect soother for any "boo-boo."  If you like, you can put them in the microwave when you need a heat pack.  I read where one creative mom makes small ones to heat up for the kids to wear in their gloves while waiting for the bus in winter!  Hmmm... I still have scraps!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Let's Go Driving in a Car!

I fell in love with this car fabric from the moment I spied it on Etsy.  I had plans to create more boxer shorts for my nephew, Timothy, and my cousin, Owen.  However, as I began working on knit shorts - the orange ones and then the lime green pair, I realized that this print would be adorable as a camp shirt... and I was right!  Timothy loves a song on Sesame Street called, "Let's Go Driving in an Automobile... Let's Go Driving in a Car!"  This is the perfect shirt to wear when he sings it!

The little "bubble" print just makes me smile.  Timothy and Zola will soon have a new baby brother, Nathan... and he already has pants made from this fabric.  It coordinates with the stripes and "Groovy Guitars" fabric I used a few months ago to make the children all sorts of things - even a burp pad! - so they will be darling in their matching outfits... and the new knit ruffled leggings will carry this right on into the fall season!

Oh, the Things You Can Do with a Thrift Store Shirt!

(click on image for larger view)
It's been a "repurposing" kind of weekend.  I scored a really cool stash of thrift store goodies on Friday, which will soon be turned into all sorts of cute dresses, pants and shorts for the kiddos.  But today was all about a bright lime green polo shirt and some toddler shorts/pants!  I purchased this X-large ladies 3/4-sleeved knit polo at the thrift store a few weeks ago.  I think I paid $2, but it might have only been $1, since there was a half-price sale in progress.  Either way, it was a BARGAIN! 

The shirt had a knit collar, a pocket on one sleeve with silver grommets, and white twill tape trim on the snap placket and at the side slits near the hem.  I still have the snap placket - it will be perfect for the bottom of a toddler or baby romper!  But I used the sleeves and collar to make a darling pair of wide-leg pants for my niece, Kelsey.  The collar was perfect for folding over and creating the elastic waistband - created a really polished finish!

Then I used my boys' boxer short pattern to cut out shorts, utilizing the hem and the twill-trimmed slits.  I had enough left over to create a pair of toddler pants for my niece, Zola... a ruffled flounce made them just the right length!

In all, I think I got my money's worth out of this shirt... and I still have scraps for making the head and legs of a great little stuffed fabric turtle toy for the new baby!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

I'm Back in the Saddle Again!

I had a momentary "hitch in my giddyup" last Saturday when I was stitching some bias trim with my one and only double needle (I know, I know - I kept telling myself to order backups!) - and I hit a thick spot in the fabric and bent one of the needles irreparably.  I promptly ordered THREE new double needles; however, it took a week for them to arrive.  FYI, double sewing machine needles are not available on every street corner - certainly not at my local Wal-Mart! - so I ordered some from  AND... just so you know, the double needles I received are set wider apart than the one that came with my Brother sewing machine.  It's not bad... it's just an adjustment I have had to make - particularly when sewing narrow bias tape binding.  I also have to think about my elastic casings width and adjust so that there is still room for the elastic once I top-stitch!  Oh, WELL!

So I spent my week house cleaning, celebrating the Fourth of July (which also happened to be my BIRTHDAY!), and getting the laundry/sewing room organized. 

One of my projects for the next month is to make several garments for our great-niece, Kelsey, who will visit us the end of July.  Kelsey and her parents live in St. Louis, so we don't get to see them often.  Having her here to try on the clothes in person - and then not having to mail them to her - will be a treat! 

I ordered three dress patterns from recently.  One was for a little dress called the Peony Flower dress from Ruby Jean's ClosetWhat little girl wouldn't love to twirl around in this darling dress?! I started with a ladies pleated front skirt with elastic waist and a full front button placket. I'm thinking these would be adorable made from an old white damask tablecloth - perfect for a summer wedding! The hardest part is cutting 54 flower petals... that's a lot of little snips! But I think it was worth it... don't you?!
Another of the dress patterns I ordered was the Aubrey Bow Dress.  I made one for Kelsey for July 4th in red/white/blue cottons.  She looked so cute in it.  I'm going to make more of these... I have lots of ideas!  I mailed this dress to Kelsey, wrapped in tissue and a red ribbon, which she now has added to the ensemble by draping it around her neck.  This kid LOVES to make silly faces!  Hey, we were 2½ once, weren't we?!
A couple of summers ago, I found a vintage pillowcase at a yard sale - paid a whole quarter for it!  I've made two toddler dresses from it... the latest is - wait for it - a "pillowcase" dress!  I wasn't all that excited until I added the bloomers.  Now I think the outfit is too stinkin' cute!  The other dress I made was sold on Etsy some time ago.  I hope a lucky little girl is having fun wearing it, wherever she is! 

Finally, take a look at my little cousin Harper, rockin' two of the dresses I've made her recently.  Harper will be a year old in late September.  I think she can wear these dresses to college!*lol*  Seriously, she is a tiny wisp of a thing, and she looks adorable in anything we put on her!
Back to the sewing room I go!!!