Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pink Is the Color of the Day!

I've been in a "pink" mood this week... work with knits and fleece in shades of mostly HOT pink!  I think the outfits are adorable and will make any little girl feel special.  The two-piece sets will be $45, and the fleece pants and jacket will be $65.  To purchase, see the listings in my Etsy Shop - This Reminds Me...
Pink Fleece "swing" jacket and pants - pants are super long,
great for a tall, skinny cutie!  We could also hem the pants to
fit a little princess who has shorter legs!

Rear view of fleece swing jacket and pants

I call this set Creamsicle!  Hues of pink, grey, white, and orange
create this adorable striped set.  The leggings have an accent strip
of white at the hem.  The ribbon ties are orange satin.

View of "Creamsicle" pants

Cute little pink/brown strip ensemble.  This top is a little
shorter than some of the other dresses... and depending
on your child, the pants might be a bit "capri," but that makes
this set an adorable "sunsuit" ensemble for any sunny day!

Pants that match brown-stripe top.

Simple pink set with multi-flowered gross-grain ribbon ties.

Pants with this set are mix-n-match versatile!

Monday, February 20, 2012

What Should I Create Today?

Here is a photo of my great-niece, Zola, modeling her Valori Wells pillowcase dress.  With precious little ones like her just waiting to be dressed, who wouldn't be inspired?!

Get the tutorial for these shoes - and ideas/tutorials
for many great projects at
There are so many options, ideas... and tutorials for creating adorable kids clothes, and I want to try them all!  Today will probably be a "pink" day - fleece leggings and a jacket... and perhaps some paisley cordury ruffles to turn a chocolate velour tee into a dress!  I want to add ruffles and skirts to leggings, create cute burp pads, and repurpose everything from vintage linens to thrift store clothing - and even leather purses!

Yes, I've found a tutorial for creating baby shoes out of old leather purses!  Not sure I will tackle this one, but they surely are cute!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's Been a "Repurpose Vintage" Week!

Big Sister Dress from Vintage
Cutwork Pillowcase... length is
approximately 20", plus ribbon straps
$35, or $60 for both "sister" dresses
This week I've been repurposing a few of my vintage linens... creating darling dresses, a jacket, collar and a baby bib from vintage pillowcases and doilies.

The pillowcase dresses with blue embroidered cutwork and light blue grossgrain ribbon ties would be perfect for sisters... or cousins or friends close in age.  The pillowcases were matching, but one had been patched, so the result was a slightly smaller dress!

The bib is created from a double ruffle lace doily that I suspect was tatted.  The collar was a linen doily with openwork embroidery and a heavy crochet lace.  And the jacket is created from a cross-stitched linen table runner with crochet lace edging.  Since the stitching is in hues of lavendar, yellow, gold, and white, I accented this jacket with a purple button atop a snap closure.  A small piece of crochet trim covers fills in an area where the years had taken a toll on the embroidery.  I think it gives the jacket added character!
 Next week, I'm thinking reds and pinks!  Stay tuned!!!  Click on any image below for larger view or a link to my Etsy shop for purchasing!

Back of Big Sister Dress  repurposed
from vintage cutwork pillowcase

Cutwork detail with pale blue embroidery
on "sisters" pillowcase dresses

"Little Sister" Pillowcase Dress approximately 15" long
(plus ribbon straps)  $35, or $60 for both "sister" dresses
Back of Little Sister Pillowcase Dress

Double Ruffle Lace Doily bib
with satin ribbon ties ~ $22.50
Back of Lace Doily Bib

Linen and lace girl's collar
Measures 7' by 10", counting lace

Snaps fasten shoulder of collar securely

Back of collar mirrors front

Collar cutwork and lace detail

Linen Bolero Jacket - Size 12M
Repurposed from Vintage Embroidered
Table Runner ~ $45

Back of Linen Bolero Jacket - Size 12M
Repurposed from Vintage Embroidered
Table Runner

Embellished Detail on Linen Bolero Jacket
Size 12M Repurposed from Vintage
Embroidered Table Runner

Button Detail on Linen Bolero Jacket
Size 12M Repurposed from Vintage
Embroidered Table Runner

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Orange You Glad... the Fun Continues????

Toddler sundress from repurposed
ladies cotton blend blouse
 So today, I continued the "orange" theme, repurposing a blouse someone gave my grandmother into a darling little sundress.  This fabric is a cotton blend that resembles the weave of linen.  The background is a soft, almost washed orange, with flower motifs in red, olive, black, and a lighter shade of orange.  I trimmed the dress with straps of orange satin.  It measures more than 15" across the front at the armholes, and gathers to a bib of approximately 7" in width.  The overall dress length is 18" - with the straps enabling you to gain more or less length, as necessary.  Put your little sweetie in this dress for $30 ppd.

BEFORE:  Rebecca Malone knit ladies blouse
Then I switched to blue and repurposed this pale aqua Rebecca Malone knit shirt into a darling dress and matching leggings

AFTER:  Toddler Sundress
 The front of the dress is covered in navy flowers and sequin accents.  Navy satin ribbon literally ties everything together at the neckline.
Back of sundress
Matching pants/leggings
The leggings have a 10½" inseam and measure just over 15" on the outer seam.  These will fit a waist up to approximately 20".  This dress also measures approximately 18" in length and is adjustable either way, to fit your child.  $45 ppd will get you this ensemble.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

How Many Ways Can You Repurpose a Knit Shirt?

BEFORE:  Ladies Beaded
Knit 3/4-sleeve shirt
Thanks to Pinterest and Etsy, my latest infatuation is repurposing knit shirts and cardigan sweaters as pants/leggings and tops for toddler girls.  So far, I have turned a leopard print cardigan sweater into an ensemble (complete with braided headband and beaded pom-pon flower! - see previous post)... and now I am working on a stack of knit shirts I purchased last week at the local thrift shop.  I have stripes, florals, beaded and plain shirts... reds, blues, pinks, oranges, and more!  I see jackets, "pillowcase" dresses, and more atop some of the cutest leggings you've ever seen.

In my enthusiasm to get started, I neglected to photograph the leopard print cardigan before I began cutting.  So in an effort NOT to let that happen again, I've made photographs of several of the shirts this afternoon, and as I finish a garment, I'll post a "Before" and an "After" photo (or 2 or 3!).  Oh... this is gonna be so much fun... I'll post more when I come up for air!

Here is the finished product for today!  This 3-piece set includes a beaded "pillowcase" dress/jumper with orange satin drawstring ribbon, cropped pants/leggings, and a fluffy pin-on pom-pon with butterfly button accent.  $65 postage paid for all 3 pieces.

AFTER:  Toddler dress/jumper
and crop pants/leggings

Beaded Draw-string Dress/Jumper
Length is approximatetly 15"
Pants - inseam approximately 8"
overall length approximately 13.5"
Pin-on Pom-pon with butterfly button trim
created from fabric scraps

Friday, February 10, 2012

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

This is my latest creation... a three-piece ensemble created from a ladies leopard print cardigan sweater with beaded trim.  I used the sleeves to create a pair of leggings.  The body of the sweater became a button-front swing jacket with short sleeves.  Scraps were used to make a matching braided headband and beaded pom-pon flower accessory.
The leggings measure 20" in length, with a 13" inseam and an elastic waist that fits up to 18".  The leggings can be scrunched to adjust the length, and the hems are trimmed with stretch lace and beaded flower accents.

The jacket measures approximately 9" across the front chest and 11" from shoulder to hem.  It fits up to size 5T.  I utilized the beaded motif on the chest of the original sweater to create a decorative pocket, which is also trimmed with a gross-grain ribbon bow.  Another bow adorns the hidden snap fasten at the neckline.  The original button front was used as much as possible, as was the original sweater hem.

This is a darling one-of-a-kind ensemble that is sure to turn any little girl into an adorable diva!  The price for this set is $100, US Postage Paid.  Click any image for a larger view.