Saturday, February 11, 2012

How Many Ways Can You Repurpose a Knit Shirt?

BEFORE:  Ladies Beaded
Knit 3/4-sleeve shirt
Thanks to Pinterest and Etsy, my latest infatuation is repurposing knit shirts and cardigan sweaters as pants/leggings and tops for toddler girls.  So far, I have turned a leopard print cardigan sweater into an ensemble (complete with braided headband and beaded pom-pon flower! - see previous post)... and now I am working on a stack of knit shirts I purchased last week at the local thrift shop.  I have stripes, florals, beaded and plain shirts... reds, blues, pinks, oranges, and more!  I see jackets, "pillowcase" dresses, and more atop some of the cutest leggings you've ever seen.

In my enthusiasm to get started, I neglected to photograph the leopard print cardigan before I began cutting.  So in an effort NOT to let that happen again, I've made photographs of several of the shirts this afternoon, and as I finish a garment, I'll post a "Before" and an "After" photo (or 2 or 3!).  Oh... this is gonna be so much fun... I'll post more when I come up for air!

Here is the finished product for today!  This 3-piece set includes a beaded "pillowcase" dress/jumper with orange satin drawstring ribbon, cropped pants/leggings, and a fluffy pin-on pom-pon with butterfly button accent.  $65 postage paid for all 3 pieces.

AFTER:  Toddler dress/jumper
and crop pants/leggings

Beaded Draw-string Dress/Jumper
Length is approximatetly 15"
Pants - inseam approximately 8"
overall length approximately 13.5"
Pin-on Pom-pon with butterfly button trim
created from fabric scraps

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