Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer Wardrobe!

It had been quite a while since I made a trip to the local thrift store...but a few weeks ago, I popped in just to see what was there...and I came home with a couple of sacks of "good" items for re-purposing. So I've been a little busy - and just a tad sidetracked - with figuring  out what I could create from these goodies!
Here's what I've done so far...
This ladies skirt in a stretch cotton fabric...
....became these little girls' shorts.
Sorry for the blurry image, but this ladies stretch seersucker blouse...
...became this little girls' stretch tunic...looks darling with lime green leggings!
This stretch cotton ladies skirt...
...became these adorable little girl capris!
This ladies cotton knit skirt...
and this striped knit ladies tee...
...became this Summer Picnic Dress (pattern from
...and accent pocket tees for the brothers!
This beaded ladies knit tee...
...became a darling knit t-dress for a four-year-old!
I don't always re-purpose everything I purchase at the thrift store...I sometimes keep things as they are.  These three pieces were too cute to pass up for $1 each...and my niece is adorable in each of them.  Kids require lots of "play clothes"...and for that price, you cannot go wrong!

The Summer Picnic Dress pattern was so cute and EASY that I had to try it again.  I had a leftover piece of "Stacked Slices" by Spring Creative© fabric that I had used to make my cousin a dress last year.  There was just enough material for a picnic dress for my niece - AND for her "My Life" doll!  She is thrilled that the two will match...maybe they will pose for a picture soon!

A girl and her much cuteness!

The last time my nephew spent the night, he squeezed into a favorite pair of knit "Ninja Turtle" pajamas and declared, "They fit just fine!"  Well, they DIDN'T...and I decided he needed new summer pajamas.  I had a piece of train print left over from pajama pants I made several years ago for the little boys...and it worked great as pajama boxers/shorts for the boys.  I put pockets on tees to coordinate.  The third pair is for a friend, and I know that he will have lots of shirts that will work as a mate!

Two pajama sets for brothers...and some summer shorts for a friend!
Much better than too-small "Ninja Turtle" pjs!
Not exactly sure what is next!  There are still stacks of yardage and items to be repurposed...and I am never lacking ideas for them.  All I need is time to sew.  Wish me luck!

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