Saturday, May 30, 2015

Well, Hellooooo, Kitty!

It's been a whirlwind marathon of sewing lately, as I tried to create several outfits for our great-nieces in Tennessee before the youngest (who just turned 1) outgrew my new set of measurements.  Somebody put a rock on her head and stop this growing!!!

I had bought enough grey chevron and Grey, Black and Yellow Suzani print to make Zola's Easter outfit AND something for the Tennessee nieces.  So I started with the pants.  I added a print border to the ruffled flounce hem.  For the dresses, I used the "Party Dress" pattern from  I used some leftover white polyester to line the bodice, but I did not have enough print to create the hem bands and sashes. So I ordered more Suzani fabric in the coordinating border print, and that turned out to be a "happy accident".  I think the border print really sets off the dresses!

I had just enough fabric pieces left to make a skirt for my cousin Harper and applique a piece of the print on a tee for her.  She will be adorable in this!

My cousin in her new outfit!
As I make my weekly circle of our local Walmart, I always pass by the "Clearance" fabric table.  I seem to be drawn there like a magnet!  But when I saw the Hello Kitty® yardage, I knew that this HAD to be one of my next projects!  Zola is obsessed with Hello Kitty®.  I spotted a bolt of pink leopard print next to the Hello Kitty® fabric, and I decided this would be perfect for "ruffle hem" pants.  So I bought all they had, which was probably four yards.  I also ended up ordering another yard of the Hello Kitty® fabric from  I sew for three nieces and a little cousin, and I knew that they ALL needed something out of this fabric!  So four dresses/pants sets later, this is the result...well, three of them.  I made two sets with the pink sleeves on the dress and had not finished the last one when I took this picture.

Earlier in the spring, I ordered several yards of fabric that caught my fancy on Etsy, and I have now sewn every single piece of it.  Last on the stack was the frog print for these shorts for my nephews, and some Michael Miller prints for dresses for the "Rocky Top" girls!  Our church sold t-shirts that promote our children's program, and I purchased three green ones for Timothy, Zola and Nathan.  The boys got shorts to match from the Michael Miller "Scuba Doo" frog and fish print.  Zola got a ruffled pair from a remnant in my stash.  I thought they turned out really cute!

Then I turned my attention to another set of "Party Dresses" - this time in coordinating prints by Michael Miller from the "Feelin' Groovy" and "Lily Dot Sky" collections.  I added some solid blue from Walmart to trim the hems and make sashes.  This was also used for the lining.  
One of our nieces actually modeling her new dress!
I have reports from the mommas that all of the children LOVE these new outfits.  If/when I get pictures of the kiddos modeling them, I will share here.  Harper's mom texted me to say that she might never take off her Hello Kitty® outfit!  Now that's an endorsement!

I have had so much fun...and of course, I have stacks and stacks of fabric just waiting to be sewn.  I made a trip to the thrift store yesterday and picked up SEVERAL pieces of clothing that just beg to become darling outfits, so STAY TUNED! 

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