Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Bat Crew!

Today, we celebrated May birthdays for two of the children...with presents also for the little guy, even though his birthday isn't for a few more months. But first, we went to church. When we picked up the kiddos, their mom had dressed them in their Batman® outfits. EVERYONE loved them! And I have to say, "The Bat Crew" did look pretty adorable!

These outfits were a lot of fun to create...and I got to use some of my thrift store scraps in the bargain.  I could have bought Batman® shirts, but where would the challenge/fun in that be?  BTW...after I finished Zola's little top, I noticed a tiny hole in the back.  So I cut out one of the Bat Signal ovals from a leftover scrap and appliqued it as a cover.  So she has a tiny Bat Signal on the back of her dress.  I love that quirky accent!  Sassy, just like her!

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