Saturday, April 11, 2015

It's Batman, Y'all!

Our youngest great-nephew, Nathan (age 2½), is obsessed with Batman.  His mom mentioned to me one day, "If you could make him ANYTHING with Batman on it, he would go nuts."  I made Timothy a Batman cape and mask a few years ago, and Nathan wears it all the time now.

So I went online and found all kinds of Batman prints.  I settled on one that was black with the yellow oval "Bat signals" and ordered enough to make shorts for our two nephews, Timothy and Nathan...and a 5-year-old cousin, Owen.  Then I bought black T-shirts at WalMart and used knit scraps to applique the "Bat Signal" on them to match the shorts.  I used my pattern from the cape that I made a few years ago.  Let me tell you, I am not an expert at applique...and sewing black and yellow and making it look halfway smooth was definitely a challenge.  I think maybe I should have done the oval itself in yellow and stayed just inside the knit line.  NEXT TIME, I will know better!

I couldn't leave out Zola.  Girls like superheroes, too, y'all!  So I used a thrift-store knit t-shirt in yellow to make her a pillowcase dress, and I had just enough print scraps to make a tie.  I covered some flaws in the dress (aka HOLES and stains) with a big black bat...and I even added a small "Bat Signal" from the print fabric on the back to cover a hole.  It's not the best dress I ever made...and we'll have to put a black shirt and leggings or shorts underneath it...but Zola won't care!  She will have Batman like her brothers...and that's what really matters!

I didn't get a single picture of all three children in their matching Easter outfits.  I was going to do that at the egg hunt, and it rained and the children went in three different directions.  Oh, well...maybe we can do better with Batman!  Time will tell!  Stay tuned!

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