Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bring On Easter!

Last fall, I bought this darling gray, black & yellow Suzani Floral Fabric from Hobby Lobby, and a grey/white chevron cotton from JoAnn...and these fabrics became the starting point for this year's Easter outfits.  Since I don't have a clue how the weather will be, I figured Zola can wear her little yellow knit jacket from LAST Easter if necessary.  The grey was also perfect for making accent pockets on the boys' tees...and I bought charcoal grey cargo shorts for them to wear underneath.  I cannot wait to see the kiddos in these outfits.  I'll try to get a good picture to share here.

The dress pattern is from The Cottage's called the "Party Dress".  It has quite a bit of handwork with a lined bodice...but this is the second time I've used it for the Easter dress, and I've been pleased both times!  Next time, I think I'm going to try the alternate bodice (which finishes on the side seams instead of the shoulders - look at the pattern, and you'll understand).  The pants were made from a pattern I have altered that comes from a site called "Made".  Look for the tutorial for kids pants - basic pants.  I calculated the overall length, and subtracted for the ruffles.  My longest ruffle is 4", and the print ruffle is about 2.5".  Both were finished with a "serged hem", so if you are doing a stitched hem, allow extra fabric for this!

Yellow knit jacket with 2014 Easter Dress...
hoping it will be a warm day and no jacket will be needed!

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