Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ready or Not... a "Shoe Diva" Is in the Making!

Spring has finally sprung here (hopefully), and garage sales are starting to pop up every weekend.  This means the hunt is on for great bargains on barely-worn kids' clothing!  For the moment, Timothy's cousin Owen (who is six weeks younger) is just a tad taller/larger, so his quickly-outgrown hand-me-downs find a new home in Timothy's closet... and these are GREAT clothes!  The best part of this is that Nathan will wear them, a year or so!  Since the boys are almost the same size in shirts, I did have to supplement Timothy's shirt wardrobe... and it was Dollar General to the rescue!  Our local store was having a major close-out sale on boy's screen-printed shirts, so I racked up a great deal on several that Timothy loves... a bright-colored "T-Rex" roaring on one... the open mouth of an alligator on another, a camouflage print Batman logo, and even a Spider Man print that had Timothy reeling with excitement!

Zola is wearing one of her "garage sale"
outfits... Timothy's shorts and Nike shoes
came from his Cousin Owen, and I purchased
the t-shirt at Wal-Mart on clearance!
Not to leave out Zola, I discovered a table of great little outfits at a garage sale, and a wonderful Baby B-Gosh snow suit for next winter... for $3!

Then, someone locally advertised shoes for sale on a Facebook "garage sale" page... and I was IN!  I purchased all of the shoes shown in this picture - for $10.  Yes, that includes the Columbia snow boots, two pair of Skechers, a pair of Hello Kitty Mary-Janes, and a pair of Converse high-tops!  All it took was a gentle washing, some elbow grease and an X-acto knife to clean the soles, and a Mr. Clean eraser to get the white rubber topsoles shining like brand new!

Why anyone would pay full price for these clothes is beyond me... but I'm so glad someone does this and passes the savings along!  I know I'm creating a "shoe diva" by purchasing Zola so many pairs, but at this price, who can resist!

Finally, I promised my cousin Olivia a "monogrammed" t-shirt... and since she got ALL A's and made the Honor Roll, I thought this was the perfect way to congratulate her!


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