Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lilly Pulitzer Rewind

My friend Melissa gave me a darling Lilly Pulitzer sheath dress that she could no longer wear, because it had a stain across the bodice.  She said, "Do something fun and creative with it."  I am quite certain Melissa paid a lot for this dress... and she got her money's worth - and then some!  The material was a high-quality, tightly woven cotton.  The dress was lined, hemmed with lace hem tape, and had all the special touches like little ribbons on snaps to hold your bra straps in place.  There were pockets on the front that had a picot trim.
Lilly Pulitzer Sheath Dress - Before
I carefully removed the pockets, then I removed the lining and the zipper.  I cut out a dress for my almost 2-year-old niece, Zola.  Then I looked at the scraps.  IF I could get the stain out with bleach, I would have enough to make something for Melissa's nearly 6-year-old daughter, Ada.  I had nothing to lose, so I got out my bleach and a cotton rag and went to work daubing at the stain.  It all came out beautifully, with no fading of the colorful fabric!

So... I looked at my fabric stash and found a piece of hot pink knit, which became the base for a blouse for Ada.  The dress fabric scraps became the straps and bow... and the pockets were reattached "as is."  And here are the results.  The dark spot on Ada's dress is not a stain... I had used a washable marker, and I was rinsing out some "dots!"

After... a 6-year-old's blouse and a 2-year-old's Easter dress!
I even had enough scraps for hair bows to hot glue to clips.  Ada is already wearing hers!  She plans to wear the blouse with leggings.  Zola has a cute pink cardigan sweater with little embroidered flowers that I purchased at the thrift store for $1... in case it happens to be a cold Easter this year!  I think both girls will look adorable... maybe I'll post pictures soon of them modeling their frocks!

April 4th Update... Here's our little Zola in her Easter dress!

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