Sunday, May 4, 2014

Everybody Love a Good Dinosaur!

So there I was in Wal-Mart - buying burlap to make outdoor pillows for my cousin Natalie - when I spied it...the brightly colored "dinosaur" fabric.  I've watched too many episodes of "American Pickers" I guess.  One of the show's hosts...Mike...has mantra that "if you see something you've never seen before, now is the time to buy it".  In other words, "Strike while the iron is hot!"  So...I added a couple of yard of the yellow fabric to my order to make shorts for Timothy, Nathan and Owen.  It turns out... I had enough to make a dress for Zola, too - with the help of a thrift-store t-shirt!  I had already used the sleeves - probably to make leggings for Zola.  But I was able to get a new pair of pants and a dress bodice out of the t-shirt body, so I was pretty excited!

Burlap porch pillows for my cousin.

Three pair of boys' dinosaur shorts will equal three gigantic smiles!

Girls like dinosaurs, too!  Zola's outfit has
matching green pants (not pictured).

Meanwhile, I'd stopped by the local thrift shop to look for toys and other treasures...and I gathered a few colorful t-shirts and dresses that I couldn't pass up.  One t-top became a shorts and top playset for Zola...while a dress morphed into a maxi-skirt for the kids' mom, Jasmine.

Thrift store knit shirt "before"...

...toddler shorts and shirt "after"!

Thrift store maxi dress that morphed into a maxi skirt. 
Sorry, I didn't get a picture of the "after" creation!

What's next?  I am somewhat in a "yellow" phase - cute little black and white bumblebees on a yellow background will become a cute summer outfit for Zola.  Stay tuned!!!

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